99 theories but the truth ain’t one

A few things I’ve known to be true, over the last 18 months or 32 years:

Those charges on my credit card are identity theft

Grave’s Disease has made me crazier

I should go gluten free

I will go gluten free, and it will be life changing

That croissant was delicious

Grave’s had made my anxiety worse

Perhaps it’s been Grave’s the entire time

No one gives a fuck about gluten

Everything that’s gone wrong in life is related to my inherent autoimmune dysfunction

I am dysfunctional

There is such a thing as Graves-related dating choices

Missy Elliot and I should walk for the cure

Inspiration will strike and when it does, I’ll write a novel about Grave’s Disease

Inspiration will strike eventually

My doctor doesn’t understand me

I should send her some of the articles I’ve been reading on the Internet

I don’t feel like working because I have Grave’s Disease

Grave’s Disease is the gluten-free non-Celiac of its disease friend group. Boring and anti-climatic.

Maybe I can win an award for Grave’s Disease

That’s definitely a thing


h/t to the fabulous @feministabulous for this post’s headline + relentless support



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